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Custom Search by google - Collaboration Technologies

Users can search for word or phrase directly by keying in keywords in search text field in the search page of the the Web site. This is quicker and easier way to find content in websites.

Google offer search scripts that customers can include on their web pages.

Implementing a search function will spell-check the terms, include different endings for the terms and allow for the use of different terminology will further increase the accessibility of the search function.

The search functionality is implemented by including a simple form on the Web page, with text field for the search term and a button to trigger the search or by adding a link to a page that includes a search form.

Depending on website, single webpage or even a few pages with easy navigation, decide on need for a search feature. As per the standard search is more of user experience, accessible and navigation feature rather than fancy. So implement on real need basis.

Let us think about an e-commerce site, manually searching for items is very cumbersome to find products of our interest. A search box in this case makes sense and improves user experience.

Consider help functionality in website that contains thousands of pages of Help information about a products and services. A search form allows users to search items or articles that contain the search terms or phrase.

A Search feature in an website allows audience to easily navigate website. if they’re looking for some specific piece of information and have difficulty in finding. If the Audience can get the desired result using search feature, then there is very good chances of visitor coming back to website which is user friendly.

In our website search feature can find training, service, product, and many more.