SHIPPING & CREW MANAGEMENT -Supply chain,Reports



Ship management is purchased for importing & exporting goods,a ship management team is required to maintain and operate the vessels. Ship management is an important part of maritime traffic supervision and management, including the registration and management of ships , visa of ships entering and leaving the port , management of foreign vessels , ship maintenance management and technical ship management.

When a ship is purchased for importing and exporting goods, a ship management team is required to maintain and operate the vessels. Crew management is a set of training procedures for use in environments where human error can have devastating effects. Used primarily for improving air safety, interpersonal communication, leadership, and decision making.

List of Features

  • Supply chain Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Safety Management
  • Security Management
  • Finance Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Risk Management
  • Inspection and Audit Management
  • HR Management
  • Medical & Pharmacy Management
  • Operation Management
  • Cruise pos Management
  • Crew Management
  • Ship Portal Management
  • Records or Document Management
  • Vessel Management
  • Mobile Access Management
  • Portal Administrator management
  • Contract Management
  • Training and Competence Management
  • Regulatory and Compliance management
  • Voyage performance monitoring


  • Save time & Money.
  • Flexibility.
  • Manage operations effectively.
  • Upto date operation and performance reports
  • ROI for sure
  • Information available online any time for booking and voyage status.