Transportation and Parking Management



Transportation management is a subset of supply chain management concerning transportation operations and may be part of an enterprise resource planning system.product serves as the logistics hub in a collaborative network of shippers, carriers and customers.

Parking management includes the prevention of unauthorised parking & the enforcement of parking time limits,as well as providing full parking fee management and payment systems.

List of Features

  • Toll Management
  • Registration Service
  • Commuters Service
  • Contractors Service
  • Driver Info Service
  • Vehicle Service
  • Staff Service
  • Rental Service
  • Safety Service
  • Routes or Trip
  • Requestor Service
  • Parking Service
  • News or Events
  • Information Service
  • Picnic Info Service
  • Security Service
  • Report Service
  • Policy Service


  • Greater flexibility to make changes in delivery plans.
  • Improved accountability with visibility into the transportation chain.
  • Reduce costs through better route planning,load optimization.
  • Private & Public Parking Garages.