Electronic Tender Management or E-Tender or E-Bidding


Electronic Tendering is carrying out the traditional tendering process in an electronic form, using the internet.

List of Features

  • Contract Notice
  • Advertisement
  • MOI & PQQ
  • Short list Bidders
  • Evaluation of bid responses
  • Dialogue Elimination of bidders possible at this stage
  • Finalize evaluation Invite shortlisted bidders to ITT stage
  • Invite final tenders
  • Evaluation Clarification and tuning
  • Selection of preferred bidders
  • Contract award and signature
  • Contract award notice
  • De-briefing
  • Service Commencement


  • Tender documents cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties.
  • Provides improved and secure access to tender information.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • There is no need for paper copies.
  • Faster distribution of tender information
  • Improved security.