Talent Resources - Recruitment and Assessment,Training

Talent Resources

We possess a plenty of talent resources in different field of IT. Or resources are made up of trusted individuals who are skilled in all areas of HR covering Sourcing, Recruitment and Assessment, Training Design and Delivery, HR consultancy - basic HR practices to complex HR strategies and Outplacement Services.

We are committed to providing excellence in our work by liaising closely with our clients to fully understand their needs to provide them with the right solutions to help them recruit, manage or train their Talent Resource. We give our clients the option to engage us to handle any part of their HR requirement & the flexibility they need to succeed in their outcome without requiring their own dedicated team.

Talent Transformation

Talent transformation essentially means harnessing and grooming the potential and skills of employees to help them reach leadership positions while achieving strategic business objectives for the organisation. We as talent transformation service help your organization weather the growth and changes that accompany large-scale acquisitions or mergers. These times can be extremely taxing on an organization and its employees, and EPC can help you leverage the role of HR in the transition. Our talent transformation service include:

Management Strategy

Workforce Planning, Technology Strategies, Business Process Services, Change Management, Performance & Compensation Reviews, Human Rights Investigations.HR & Talent Strategy : Contract Negotiations, Talent Integration

Talent Deployment

Deployment is an important aspect of talent management, and job rotation and job enrichment are vital aspects of experiential learning in becoming a leader. It is a Methodical procedure of introducing an activity, process, program, or system to all applicable areas of an organization. Talent deployment includes Better pre-assignment planning Effective on-assignment management Repatriation process including cost projections