• Web based Library management


  • Library management is planning and maintaining library facilities. Library management is a specific issues faced by libraries and library management
  • professionals. management encompasses normal management tasks as well as intellectual freedom and fundraising tasks. Planning the construction of
  • new libraries or remodeling those that exist is integral as user needs are often changing.

    List of Features

  • Books Catalog Service
  • Membership Service
  • Books Transaction Service
  • Reports Service
  • Inventory & Storage Service
  • Book Search Service
  • Security Service
  • Alert Service
  • Search Service
  • Finance Service
  • Records Service
  • Reception Service
  • Purchase Service
  • Vendor Service
  • Inter Library Service
  • Webcam and Camera Services
  • Bar code and RFID Service
  • Customer & Technical Service


  • lighter workload for library staff
  • and requires less people to manage.
  • User friendly & Highly flexibility.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Secure & Complete reports.