Web based Library management solves issues faced by libraries


Library management is planning and maintaining library facilities. Library management is a specific issues faced by libraries and library management professionals.

Library management encompasses normal management tasks as well as intellectual freedom and fundraising tasks. Planning the construction of new libraries or remodeling those that exist is integral as user needs are often changing.

List of Features

  • Books Catalog Service
  • Membership Service
  • Books Transaction Service
  • Reports Service
  • Inventory & Storage Service
  • Book Search Service
  • Security Service
  • Alert Service
  • Search Service
  • Finance Service
  • Records Service
  • Reception Service
  • Purchase Service
  • Vendor Service
  • Inter Library Service
  • Webcam and Camera Services
  • Bar code and RFID Service
  • Customer & Technical Service


  • lighter workload for library staff and requires less people to manage it.
  • User friendly & Highly flexibility.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Secure & Complete reports.