Frequently Asked Questions


Java Technology is platform independent i.e Write Once and Run Anywhere. Lots of third party packages Are available for use. Technology is open source and it can be downloaded and used free.

No. To learn angularJS knowledge of HTML5, Bootstrap and Javascript is an pre requisite

AngularJS is an most popular google Javascript MVC Framework used for web development.

nternet is available for public to view web pages. Whereas intranet web pages limited to corporate use with tight security in place.

Website development deals with developing web pages for websites. Whereas web development deals with dynamic websites development which is database driven web applications.

Python programming is used widely nowadays for lots of applications. There will be more job opportunities for fresh entrants.

Tally for accounting &Taxation , Advanced Excel & Dashboards and VBA Programming for macros and excel. Later you can learn Databases, SAS, Data Analytics, Reporting Tools, Business Intelligence etc.

Framework is an set of reusable packages standardized for rapid application development. Codes are well structured. These are useful for developing large applications and websites and maintain easily.

Online shopping applications can be developed using some of the popular frameworks like Magento, opencart, zendcart and presta-shop PHP frameworks.

Learning online with or without tutor. Need to have PC with internet connectivity.

Technology for managing large set of data i.e Big Data and for predictive analytics. Widely used by big companies and shopping malls.

Bootstrap is twitter responsive web design framework used for mobile websites and applications development.

Codes Testing and Debugging. - Using Alerts. document.write, console.log

Mobile web applications run in the device’s browser and operate across all platforms. For example, a mobile web app works equally well on Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phones. Unlike native apps, mobile web apps are distributed via the web, and are not installed on the device itself.

Web Apps works on browsers. Internet connectivity required. Whereas mobile Apps can be downloaded and work offline without internet.

private and global Variables, Private, public, privileged, static and protected Methods . References , Hidden, Overloading , overriding and anonymous functions Function constructor with modules, Method attached to function constructor, Using Typeof to Determine the Type of an Object, Variables, context and Scope Reference Counting and Garbage Collection, Closures, Callback and Promise

Ways to create object instances (Object () Constructor and Create method .