Desktop Publishing


The Basics, Working with the Publication, The Drawing Tools, Importing Graphics, The Text Tool, Transformations, Importing Text, Master Pages, Working with Large amount of Text, The Story Editor, Style Sheets, Long Document Features, Frames, Hyperlinks and HTML, Utilities


Looking at the Work Area, Getting Images into Photoshop and Image Ready, Selecting, Transforming and Retouching, Drawing, Painting, Using Layers, Using Type, Applying Filters for Special Effects, Creating Rollovers and Animations (Image Ready), Saving and Exporting Images

Corel Draw

Getting started with CorelDraw, Drawing shapes, Working with objects, Shaping objects, Working with color, Filling objects, Adding three-dimensional effects to objects, Adding and formatting text, Publishing to PDF, Object linking and embedding, Importing and exporting files, Creating Web-enabled objects, File formats

Adobe Illustrator

Getting to Know Illustrator, Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics for photo manipulation & photo realistic,Drawing,Text Creation,Saving & Exporting, Creating Shapes using Primitives, Applying Strokes and Fill colour, Transforming Paths, Anchor & Control Points, Layers, Drawing, Text Creation, Saving & Exporting

Adobe In-Design

The Basics, Overview, Document, Frames, Text, Typography, Colors, Styles, Graphics, Transparency, Final Output, Non-Standard