Big Data Hadoop corporate and professional training

Course Contents


Hadoop Introduction: Comparision of SQL Databases and Hadoop, Big data characteristics, RDBMS Limitations, MapReduce introduction, Mapreduce vs SQL, Parallel processing capabilities of Map Reduce


Hadoop Architecture, Hadoop Cluster, Installing and Configuring, Name Nodes and Data Nodes, HDFS, HDFS vs local file systems, HDFS file operation commands, Map Reduce and HDFS


Map Reduce programming, Mapper and Reducer operations, Input and Output Formats, Data Types, Customer Writables, Advanced Map reduce, Sorting, Searching, Indexing, Chaining Multiple Jobs


Hadoop Administration, Filecheck and DFS admin, HDFS and job tracker UI, Routine Administration, Adding and removing Nodes, Advanced Techniques, Using multiple output files, Passing parameters


Case Study or Hands on programming