Computer and Coding for Kids

Use of computer and coding has become an important skill for children and adults alike. Parents may find it difficult to teach programming to kids if they lack any experience themselves. But they can always look into abundant resources available to bridge that gap and provide a great learning experience for kids.

Not only are there variety of options for kids programming classes but there are also lots of other free games, apps, and other resources that help kids learn programming skills.

With the variety of options available to parents these days, it can be difficult to determine which coding program is right for your kid. This decision can be even more daunting for parents that don’t have a background in programming. Talk to our industry experts to determine what program provides the most value for you and your child and also get insight and tips.

What Kids Can Learn::

Typing Skill

Working on Spreadsheet like MS Excel

Power point Presentation & Video Recording

Basic Coding or Programming

Education Games Design

3D printing & modeling

Robotics with Edison

Solve puzzles and problem Solving

3D animations and digital storytelling

Look for Resources::

Free Coding Apps for Kids

Free Coding Websites for Kids

Free Coding Activities & More for Kids Many more

What kids can learn from us :

Coding Classes for Kids

Computer and Coding for Kids
Python & Data Science
Java Programming
HTML Programming
C / C++ Programming
Processing language
MS- Excel Programming
JavaScript or coffeescript
Scratch Coding
Graphics Design
Power Point Presentation & video Conference
R Programming
SQL Programming
Many More
Please call us for consultation or details regarding appropriate training courses for Kids.