Module C#

Introduction to C#, First C# Programs, Data Types in C#, Operators and Expressions, Control Structures, Object-Oriented Programming, Classes, More about Types, Methods, Properties and Operators, Strings, Arrays, Inheritance, Virtual Methods and Polymorphism, Formatting and Conversion, Exceptions, Interfaces, Delegates and Events, Introduction to Windows Forms

Module C#.NET

NET Fundamentals, Class Libraries, Assemblies, Deployment and Configuration, Metadata and Reflection, I/O and Serialization, .NET Programming Model, .NET Security, Database Programming Using ADO.NET, Tracing, More About Tracing


Module ASP.NET

Introduction to ASP.NET, Web Forms Architecture, ASP.NET and HTTP, Web Applications Using Visual Studio, State Management and Web Applications, Server Controls, ASP.NET Configuration and Security Fundamentals, ADO.NET, Data Access in ASP.NET 3.5, Personalization and Security

Module ADO.NET

Introduction to ADO.NET, ADO.NET Connections, ADO.NET Commands, Data Readers and Connected Access, Data Sets, More about Datasets, XML and ADO.NET, Data Binding, Concurrency and Transactions, New Features in ADO.NET

Module WCF

Introduction to WCF, Addresses and Bindings, Service Contracts, Instance Management, Data Contracts, More about Service Contracts, Handling Errors

Module WPF

Creating an Application by Using WPF, Building User Interfaces, Customizing Appearance, Data Binding, Data Binding to Collections, Creating New Controls, Managing Documents, Graphics and Multimedia, Configuring and Deploying Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation


Language Integrated Query, LINQ Using Visual Basic and C#, LINQ Syntax, Basic LINQ Syntax, Extension Methods, LINQ and More Complex Objects, Anonymous Types, LINQ to SQL, Creating a Data Model, Calling Stored Procedures, Using Anonymous Types with SQL, Modifying SQL Data, LINQ to DataSets, LINQ to Typed DataSets, LINQ to Untyped DataSets, LINQ to XML, Generating XML, Querying XML, Transforming XML


Introduction .NET Framework and Silverlight, Architecture, Silverlight Development Tools, Silverlight Layout Controls, User Interface Controls and Navigation, Layout,Styles, Templates, Themes and Assets( properties), Data Access and management, Silverlight APIs, Custom Controls, Multimedia, Network Communications and Web Services, Globalizing and Localizing, Project Implementation, Deploying Silverlight Applications, Security and Debugging