VB Script Training -Basic and Advanced Programming

Introduction - Overview, Versions & Appls

Get Started - Creating script, Writing to web page Embedding VBScript in HTML, VBScript to Display Information & Displaying in msgbox

Variables & Data types

Data Types, Implicit and Explicit Data Types, Variables, operators

VBScript Constants, Private Statement, Public Statement, Control structures - if else, for each and for next, while and do while & Strings and Arrays

UI Components

Buttons and Text Fields, Radio Button and Check Box, List Boxes, Image Control & Image Maps

Event Handlers

Onclick, Onchange, Onkeydown, Onblur, Focus, Checked, Disabled, Window_Onload

Subroutine and function

Procedures, Subroutines, Functions, Procedures, Format Functions, String Functions, Math Functions, Date & Time & Interaction functions

OOPS Programming

VB Script Objects, Class Object, Class Construct, New Construct, New Statement, Me Statement, Class Variables, Class Properties FSO Object, ERR Object, COM Object, The COM Process, Binding, Verifying Object References, Unloading Objects from Memory, Working with Objects, Web Objects, Windows script components, Virtual & Dicionary Objects properties and methods, RegExp Objects, Repositories Collection Object & DotnetFactory Object

Working with Files

Writing and reading in a text file, Working with folders and subfolders

Add on features

Accessing web objects using DOM Using WScripts, Database Scripts, Basic Excel Programming, Reading Data from Excel, Copying one excel sheet content to another excel sheet using VBScripts in ASP, Error Handling and Debugging