Visual Basic Programming


Get Started with Visual Basic,

Variables, Constants, and Data Types,

Statements and Operators,


Control Structure,

Strings and Arrays,

Input and Output,

Formulas Tab,

Properties, Methods, and Events ,

Function and Methods,

Scope of Variable and Constant Declarations,

Global Declarations,

Scoping and Creating Sub and Function,

Relative, absolute, and mixed referencing,


User Defined Functions,

Built In Functions,

Visual Basic Objects,

Sequential and Random Access Files


Manipulating File Controls,

Working with the Controls,

Creating and Controlling Menus,

Mouse and Keyboard Events,

Handling Errors and Debugging,

Designing a Form,

Graphics and Charts,

Database Management,

Object Oriented Programming,

Pivot Tables,

Communication with other Applications:OLE,

Accessing Internet using VB,

Web Page Programming with VBScript,

Building VB Applications,

Debugging Tools,

Compiling and Distributing Your Programs,

Using Microsoft DataGrid Control 6.0,

Creating VBA Functions for MS Excel,

Creating Multimedia Applications,

Using ADO Control and Creating DB Application.,


Using the Printer,

Creating Reports,