Core Python Programming

Part 1

Introduction, Applications and Frameworks, Get Started with programming, Variables and Data Types, Operators and Expressions , Control Structure, Sequence Types, Dictionaries and Sets , List Comprehensions, Functions, Local, Non Local & Global Variables, Anonymous and Lambda Functions

Part 2

Files Handling and Globbing , Exception Handling, Date, Time and Calendar API’s , Command Line Frameworks, Regular Expressions and Parsing, Graphics and GUI

Part 3

OOPS Concepts, Classes and Objects, Super class and User Defined Classes, Default Attributes and Methods, Function and Operator Overloading , Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance, Function Overriding and Polymorphism, class method and Static method , Descriptors and Interceptors, Properties and Attribute Access, Iterators, Generators and Decorators , Streams & Context Manager

Part 4

Database Programming, Sockets and Networking, Logging and Debugging, Documentation and Best Practices , Modules, Packages and Distributing Applications, Unit Testing & Integration Testing

Project, Assignments and Tests