Core Python Programming


Part 1


Applications and Frameworks

Get Started with programming

Variables and Data Types

Operators and Expressions

Control Structure

Sequence Types,Dictionaries and Sets

List Comprehensions

Functions, Local, Non Local & Global Variables

Anonymous and Lambda Functions

Part 2

Files and Exception Handling

Date, Time and Calendar API

Command Line Frameworks

Regular Expressions and Parsing

Graphics and GUI

Part 3

OOPS Concepts,Classes and Objects

Super class and User Defined Classes

Default Attributes and Methods

Function and Operator Overloading

Inheritance and Multiple Inheritance

Function Overriding and Polymorphism

class method and Static method

Descriptors and Interceptors

Properties and Attribute Access

Iterators, Generators and Decorators

Streams & Context Manager

Part 4

Database Programming

Sockets and Networking

Logging and Debugging

Modules and Packages

Distributing Applications

Unit and Integration Testing

Documentation and Best Practices

Project, Assignments and Tests