Python Database Programming - SQL Alchemy ORM


Course Background, Python & Databases

An Introduction, Python Database API, What is ORM

An Introductory Example, Python Revisited, Data Structures, Lists & Tuples, Dictionaries, Sets

Python Revisited - OOP, OOP Concepts, Classes, Exceptions, Python DBAPI

Architecture, Connection & Cursor Objects, Bind arguments, Type Objects

SQL Alchemy Introduction, Basic Concepts, SQL Alchemy Architecture, Engine, Metadata & DDL, SQL Expressions, ORM, Domain Model

SQL Alchemy - Core Objects, Engine, DB dialect/driver, Connections, Result Proxy, Performing Inserts & Queries, Metadata, Creating tables, DDL,

Reflection - Using existing tables/database, Working with columns, Constraints, Primary & Unique Keys, Foreign Key Constraint, Check Constraint

Querying with ORM - Advanced Querying, Joins, Select customization, Customizing Property Mapping, Eager vs Deferred, Synonyms, Properties, Composite Values, Standard Queries, Query+Inserts, Query+Updates, Types of Joins

Advanced Topics - Relationships, 1:1, 1:N, M:N, Using brackets, Self references, Examples, Inheritance Mapping, Single, Concrete, Joined Table .

Exercise Review - Python ORMs, Django ORM, Storm, SQL Object

Summary/Q & A & Preparation for Assessment