Perl and Python Testing Training

Perl Testing Part 1


Testing and automation testing using Perl,

TAP - the Test Anything Protocol,

Testing tools in Perl for testing Modules (Test::Simple, Test::More),

Common reporting framework (Test::Harness, Smolder)

Perl Testing Part 2

GUI Test Automation using Perl,

Web Test automation using Perl,

Extending the testing framework (Test::Builder),

Setting up continuous integration (smoke testing),

Command Line Interface applications,

CLI network devices Testing,

CLI applications Testing using Perl

Python Testing

Introduction to Testing,

Why Write Tests,

Types of Testing,

Unit testing,

Python's Unit Testing Framework,

Using Pytest for Unit Testing in Python,

Unit Testing - Test plan, Test fixtures, Test cases, Test suite & Test runner,

Helpful Methods,

Good Testing Practice,

Limitations of Unit Testing,

Functional testing - replay scenarios & good for customer acceptance,

Documentation Testing,