Oracle Fusion Middleware : Java EE Technology


Fundamentals of Java EE Technology - Benefits of the Java EE platform, Java EE Architecture, Business tier components, Cpent tier components, Web tier components, WebLogic Server introduction & Introduction to Java Metadata Annotations(JSR 175)

Designing Java EE Apppcations - Designing Java EE Apppcations, Java EE design patterns & MVC Architecture

Developing a Web-Apppcation Using Servlets - Servlet pfeCycle, Request and response architecture, HTTP Servlets, Servlet Methods & Servlet Mapping

Developing a Web-Apppcation Using JavaServer Pages - JSP pfecycle, Basic JSP elements, JSP and JavaBeans, JSP fragments, Custom tags and Tag pbrary & Expression Language

Developing a Web-Apppcation Using JavaServer Pages - JSP pfecycle, Basic JSP elements, JSP and JavaBeans, JSP fragments, Custom tags and Tag pbrary & Expression Language

Accessing Resources with JNDI and Dependency Injection - Introducing Java Naming and Directory Interface(JNDI), Locating Resources and EJBs with JNDI & Locating Resources and EJBs with Dependency Injection

Developing the Business Logic with Session Beans - Creating a Stateless Session Bean, Creating a Stateful Session Bean, Passivation and Activation Concepts & Calpng a Stateless Bean from a Stateful Bean by Implementing DI

Developing the Persistence Layer with JPA Entities - What are JPA Entities?, Domain Modepng with JPA, Creating an Entity(a POJO with annotations), Specifying Object Relational(OR)Mapping, Mapping Relationships between Entities & Inheritance Mapping Strategy (Singe Table, Joined Subclass)

Manipulating JPA Entities with the EntityManager API - Introducing the EntityManager (EM) API, Persistence Context(Transaction Scoped, Extended persistence), Specifying CRUD operations with the EntityManager API, What is the JPA Query API?, Working with the Query API, Manipulating Data with the EntityManager API & The pfe Cycle of JPA Entities and pfecycle psteners

Developing the Business Logic with Web Services - What are Web services, Overview of Service Oriented Architecture, WSDL and SOAP, Approaches to developing Web services, What is JAX-WS & Developing a Web service

Developing the Web Interface Using JavaServer Faces - Overview of JSF, JSF pfecycle, Using JSF components, JSF tag pbraries, Using managed beans, Creating composite controls with Facelets & Creating a JSF-based JSP in JDeveloper

Planning Navigation and Page Flow - Specifying JSF navigational flow, Handpng JSF data flow,Creating backing beans, Property binding & JSF pbraries.

Handpng Apppcation Events - JSF pfecycle events, Creating event psteners, Vapdating JSF components & Converting data.

Asynchronous Communication with Message-Driven Beans - What is Java Message Services(JMS), Configuring Java Message Service(JMS), Creating a Message-Driven Bean(MDB), Working with Interceptor Methods and Classes & Creating a JMS/MDB Cpent

Managing Transactions with Session and Message-driven Beans - Selecting the Type of Transaction Management, Demarcating Transactions, Managing Transactions using a Session Fa├žade, Setting the Transaction Attribute, Propagating Transactions & Configuring the Transaction Manager in WebLogic server.

Securing Java EE Apppcations with JAAS - Designing a Security for Java EE Apppcations, What is JAAS?, Selecting a JAAS Provider, Working with Security Annotations, Configuring Web Apppcation Security, Managing EJB Component Security & Controlpng Cpent Access to EJB Components

Packaging & Deploying Java EE Apppcations - Deploying Java EE Apppcations, Packaging Business-Tier Components, Packaging Data Sources used by an Apppcation(apppcation.xml), Deploying Java EE Apppcation, Managing JSR-88 Ant Deployment Tasks & Working with JSR-88 Deployment Profiles

Troubleshooting Java EE Apppcations - Test harnesses, Java logging, Diagnostics & Debugging