Manual Testing training and automation testing,

Manual Testing

Course Content

Software system Contents, Causes of Software Defects, Why do defects Arise?, Which phases does defects Arise, Few Software Defects, Role of Testing in Software development, Maintenance and Operations, Quality and Testing, Testers Attributes, Testing Challenge, General Testing Principals, Error, Fault and Failure, Testing Definition, The psychology of Testing, Roles of Developer and Tester, Communication between Developer and Tester, Why can't we test our own work?, Independence in Testing, Testing Cycle, Waterfall Model, V - Model, Spiral Model, Prototype Model, Testing Models, White Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Difference b/n White Box Testing and Black Box Testing, Black Box Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, Orthogonal Array Stratergy (OATS) Testing, Use Case Testing, Testing Techniques, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Functional Testing, System Testing, Acceptance Testing, Smoke Testing, Adhoc Testing, Installation and Uninstallation Testing, Exploratory Testing, Alpha and Beta Testing, Performance Testing, Stress Testing, Regression Testing, Testing Levels, Bug Tracking, Test Case, Test Plan, Software Terminologies, Software Configuration Management, Release Process, Case Study, Automation Testing, Definition, Why Automation Testing, Popular Tool, Testing Process, Actions, Check Points, User Defined Environment, Variables, Output Objects, Virtual Objects, Debugging, Recovery Scenario, Other Tools & Techniques

Automation Testing using Selenium Framework For Java Testers and Developers

Course Content

Core Java Programming, XML Concepts and Locators, Automation Testing, Introduction to Selenium, Introducing Selenium Commands, Selenium flavors or Components :-, RC, IDE, Web DRIVER , NG, GRID, Automation Life Cycle, Developing reusable script, Framework and Validations, Setting up Environment for Testing using Components, Junit Scope in Selenium context, Test Design Considerations, Best Practices for Testing Applications, Using Hudson for Testing, User acceptance testing, Project Implementation using the Framework