Java Server Faces & Ajax


JSP basics, MVC Architecture, Implicit variables, Directives, Page directive, Include directive, Taglib directive, Standard actions, Bean conventions, Expression Language, EL implicit objects, EL functions, JSTL, Custom tags


Introduction, Overview and Architecture, Lifecycle and Page Navigation, Navigation in JSF applications, User Interface Components, Managed Beans, Events and Controllers, Request Process Controllers, JSP 2.0 EL Expression Language, Data Conversion and Rendering, Validators, Advanced Data Validation, Data Tables, Writing Custom Components, Custom Graphic Controls, Page composition using Facelets and apache MyFaces , icefaces


A Brief Introduction to XML, Introducing AJAX, Anatomy of an Ajax Application, The XMLHTTPRequest Object, Talking with the Server, Returning Data as Text(JSON), as XML, Using the Returned Data, Using Ajax with REST, Using Ajax with SOAP, Ajax Gothchas, AJAX and JSF, Leveraging Ajax in web applications, Updating the Document Object Model for the page

Ajax in the JSF 2.0 lifecycle

On the client page - jsf.ajax.request( ), Partial View Context, Request and response payloads, Standardized for compatibility across libraries, The tag, Ajax requests in the JSF lifecycle, Existing Ajax strategies for JavaServer Faces, RichFaces, Ajax4 jsf tags, Updating regions, Ajax-aware RichFaces components, ICEfaces Ajax-awarness eLibrary components