Java Documentation and Code Refactoring Training

Target Audience

For those who maintain and enhance productivity,

members of a Java development team,

Technical Communicator,

Java Developers,

SQA Engineer,

Test Engineer,

Get Started

General principles,

Coding Standard, Styles and Conventions,

Standards for member functions,Attributes,

Variables and constants naming, Parentheses,

Variables and Parameters, Access Modifiers,

Knowing keywords,

Code organization and style,Declarations

Statements and expressions

Classes, Inheritance, Interfaces,,

Inner classes, Final keyword,Types or generics,,

Error Handling and Exceptions,,

Import classes,Packages,,

Directories,files and jars,,

Deployments, Comments, White spaces,,

Wrapping Lines, Versioning, Code Refactoring,,

Concurrency, Reflection, Code duplication,,

Tools for documentation ,

( Check Style, Eclipse Source Formatter, JavaDoc ),,


Best Practices