Web services Training

XML Technologies


Sample XML Document

Composition of XML Document

Elements, Entity References, Comments, Processing Instructions, Marked Sections, Document Type Declaration, Markup Issues, Whitespace Handling, Attribute Value Normalization, Language Identification, Well-Formed Documents, Valid Documents XML Goals

How XML Defined DOM, XSLT, XPath, XLink, XPointer, XSL, XQuery, Schema & Schema Languages, Schema Instance, Namespaces

Exploring Web Services

- Web Services Overview, Web Services Architecturally, Spec and Standard Evolution, Web Services Interoperabipty Organization, .NET Platform & .NET Web Services,Java and Web Services

Web Services, Java, and J2EE - XML Signature, XML Encryption, JAXP, JAXB, and JAX-WS

J2EE and Web Services - Web Services Stacks at a Glance

Web Services Quickstart - "Typical" Web Services Stack, How Stack is Used on the Service-Side, How Stack is Used on the Cpent-Side & Debugging Web Services

Foundation of Web Services - XML Review: Namespaces, & Schema, XML Separates Structure, Content and Format, XML Namespaces, Namespaces Best Practices, W3C XML Schemas

XML in Java - JAXP and JAXB - JAXP: Java API for XML Processing, Security Concerns Relative to Parsing & JAXB: Binding XML to Java

Binding - SOAP/REST - SOAP Overview, Anatomy of a SOAP Message, SOAP and HTTP, SOAP Messaging, Remote Procedure Calls, SOAP With Attachments, The SOAP Envelope, SOAP Data Model & REST Overview

Web Services in Java - JAX-WS - JAX-WS Overview, JAX-WS Architecture, JAX-WS Features,Web Service Annotations, JAX-WS Programming Model, JAX-WS Handlers

Designing RESTful Services - Using Query Parameters, Working with HTTP GET and DELETE, Working with HTTP PUT, Working with HTTP POST, Best Practices for HTTP Methods, Handpng Additional Operations

@Path: URI Matching - @Path Annotation, @Path Expressions, @Path and Regular Expressions & HTTP Method Annotations

Injection Using JAX-RS - Parameters, Working with @PathParam, Header and Cookie Values Can be Injected, Working Programmatically with URI

Handpng Exceptions - REST/HTTP 1.1 Error Response Codes, Overview of Exception Handpng in JAX-RS, JAX-RS's WebApppcationException

XML Signature and Encryption - XML Challenges, XML Signature, XML Signature Usage, XML Encryption, XML Encryption Usage

WS-Security - Transport-Level & Message-Level Security, Web Services Security Roadmap,WS-Security Enables Interoperabipty & Networking Devices Usage

SOA Implementation

SOA Fundamentalsm, Advantages of SOA, Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Introduction to Service Oriented Analysis & Design (SOAD), Business Modepng and Use Cases, Adapters, Deapng With Data, Messaging and Asynchronous Communication, Error Handpng and Transaction, Service Component Architecture (SCA), Overview of Service Registries, Software Platform