interview techniques to improve your interview skills

Interviews are about presenting yourself in a positive and confident manner and we have interview skills and tips to help you.

In our courses there are a number of interview techniques that you can apply to ensure that you do yourself justice and improve your interview skills to a level that will make you one of the strongest candidates. For some free interview skills and tips continue reading and we'll tell you 10 crucially importand interview skills and tips:

Interview Tips

Spend time to know yourself

Research the job and your future employers

Keep your answers between 1.5 and 2 minutes

Structure your answers in 3 or 4 points maximum

Clearly headline each point in your answers

Expand on each point with your personal experience

Avoid announcing a structure upfront unless you are absolutely confident

Use active verbs and power words to describe yourself

When answering questions asking for examples, use the STAR framework

Behaviour and body language

We conduct mock interviews after the end of your course.