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Web Design

HTML 4 Programming

HTML 5 Programming

Basic JavaScript and DHTML

Responsive Bootstrap Design

Website Development Project

UX Design

UI Design & Development

Web Development


Website Development

Web Content Management

SEO, SEM, Google Webmaster Tools

Adword(PPC) & AdSenese(ADS)

Google Analytics Tools

SMO, SMM, and Lead Generation

Reputation Management

Writing Blogs

Other DM Techniques


JAVA / J2EE Development

Core Java

Servlets, JSP

Struts & Projects

Hibernate & JPA


Web Application Project


Basic JavaScript Programming

OOPS, Design Patterns & Performance


JQuery JavaScript Framework

Mean Stack Development

Type script & Angular JS 2.0

Mongo DB, Node JS, & Express JS

Live Project Implementation


Core Python Programming

Advanced Python Programming

Data Analysis Using Python

DJango & Flask Framework web dev


Android Development

Core Java

XML Technologies

Android Core Features

Search & Location Service

Security Framework

Debugging Applications

Deployment and Project


Talend ETL Training

Tableau Training

QlikView Training

Pentaho Training

Live Projects


Node Configuration

Automating tasks with Gulp

Node Process Model

Node Event Loop, Emitters & Timers

Node Programming Model

Network Programming & HTTPS

Web Sockets & IO

Connecting to Databases

Web Development & Modularization

Deploying Application in Heroku


Python Language, Tools and API’s

Data Collection & Insight

Content & Text Analytics

Data & Statistical Analysis

Data Modelling & Analytics

Data Mining & Machine Learning

Simple Web Application

Introduction to Big Data

Parametric Methods & Testing

Case Study & Project


Fundamentals and Architecture

Hadoop Installation & setup

Apache YARN , HDFS, MapReduce Hadoop

Writing PIG and HIVE Programs

Managing Structured & Unstructured Data

Data Mgmt ,Modelling & ETL Tools

Machine Learning Programming

Administration & Maintenance

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Hadoop Unit Testing & Project


For Mechanical ,Industrial & Engg


Product Life Cycle Management ( PLM )

PLM Definition & Benefits

Core PLM & Features

PLM Checklist

Learning Outcome

Supply Chain Management

SCM Definition & Benefits

Key Functions and Features

SCM Checklist

Learning Outcome


For BBM, MBA and Other Degree


Customer Relationship Management

CRM Definition & Benefits

Key Functions and Features

CRM Checklist

Learning Outcome