Instructor Led Online Training

Web Design

HTML 4 Programming

HTML 5 Programming

Basic JavaScript and DHTML

Responsive Bootstrap Design

Website Development Project

UX Design

UI Design & Development

Web Development






Digital Marketing & SEO

Website Development

Web Content Management

SEO, SEM, Google Webmaster Tools

Adword(PPC) & AdSenese(ADS)

Google Analytics Tools

SMO, SMM, and Lead Generation

Reputation Management

Writing Blogs

Other DM Techniques

JAVA / J2EE Development

JAVA / J2EE Development

Core Java

Servlets, JSP

Struts & Projects

Hibernate & JPA


Web Application Project






JavaScript & Frameworks

p> Basic JavaScript Programming

OOPS, Design Patterns & Performance


JQuery JavaScript Framework

Mean Stack Development

Type script & Angular JS 2.0

Mongo DB, Node JS, & Express JS

Live Project Implementation



Python Development

Core Python Programming

Advanced Python Programming

Data Analysis Using Python

DJango & Flask Framework web dev








Android Development

Android Development

Core Java

XML Technologies

Android Core Features

Search & Location Service

Security Framework

Debugging Applications

Deployment and Project






ETL , Analytics & Reporting


Talend ETL Training

Tableau Training

QlikView Training

Pentaho Training

Live Projects








NodeJS Development

Node Configuration

Automating tasks with Gulp

Node Process Model

Node Event Loop, Emitters & Timers

Node Programming Model

Network Programming & HTTPS

Web Sockets & IO

Connecting to Databases

Web Development & Modularization

Deploying Application in Heroku

Data Science

Python Language, Tools and API’s

Data Collection & Insight

Content & Text Analytics

Data & Statistical Analysis

Data Modelling & Analytics

Data Mining & Machine Learning

Simple Web Application

Introduction to Big Data

Parametric Methods & Testing

Case Study & Project







Hadoop Big Data

Fundamentals and Architecture

Hadoop Installation & setup

Apache YARN , HDFS, MapReduce Hadoop

Writing PIG and HIVE Programs

Managing Structured & Unstructured Data

Data Mgmt ,Modelling & ETL Tools

Machine Learning Programming

Administration & Maintenance

Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Hadoop Unit Testing & Project


For Mechanical ,Industrial & Engg

Product Life Cycle Management ( PLM )

PLM Definition & Benefits

Core PLM & Features

PLM Checklist

Learning Outcome

Supply Chain Management

SCM Definition & Benefits

Key Functions and Features

SCM Checklist

Learning Outcome







For BBM, MBA and Other Degree

Customer Relationship Management

CRM Definition & Benefits

Key Functions and Features

CRM Checklist

Learning Outcome