Ext JS Framework Training

Ext JS Framework Training

Getting Started Using the Ext library,

Forms and core Components,

Data Grids , Layouts and Containers, Widgets and Accordions, Windows and Dialogs

Ajax and JSON Requests, Effects, Drag-and-Drop, Google Maps Integration, Data Store

Object-oriented programming with Ext JS, Custom components and events

DOM Manipulation and Handling Events, Drawing and Charting

Ext JS for the desktop, Ext JS community extensions, Additional resources

MVC Application Architecture,


Backbone Framework Training

MVC Architecture,

Introduction, Literals, JQuery, Models & Validation, Inheritance

Collections, CRUD with collections, Update server-side data with forms, Views, Templates and Helpers

Using Namespaces in backbone, Handling Events, Routing in Backbone,

Build Single Page Applications,

Communicating with the Server and Using Rest API’s,

Testing using Jasmine, Modularization using Require.js

Troubleshooting Backbone Applications,

Architectural Best Practices