XML & Web Services - 2


  • Managing multiple XML documents with XSLT - Accessing multiple XML documents, Cross-referencing data using keys, Accessing XML data with keys & Generating cross references in XML documents

  • Producing Scalable Solutions with XSLT - Including style sheets, Importing style sheets, Overriding imported template rules, Invoking overridden template rules & Specifying template priorities

  • The Way Ahead - Extension elements, Extension functions, Forwards-compatible processing, Fallback processing, The role of XPath in XPointer & Likely impact of the XML Schema Definition Language(XSLD)

  • Creating and Using XML - XML document structure, Elements and attribute, Processing instructions and comment, Namespaces & Unicode and character encoding.

  • Defining XML Grammars with DTDs - What is a grammar?, Validation, What is a DTD? & Writing and applying a DTD

  • XML Schema Definitions - What is an XML Schema?, Writing and applying an XML Schema, Element groups & Data types and structures

  • Transforming XML Using XSLT Style sheets - Style sheets: CSS, XSLT, Benefits of XSLT style sheets,Obtaining node values, Applying and matching template rules, Processing selective nodes with XPath, XSLT programming with loops and if statements, Creating new content & XML grammar transformation.

  • SAX Parsing - Event-driven parsing, Push with SAX, Pull with StAX & Handling errors

  • Introduction to DOM Parsing - Introduction to DOM, DOM interfaces, Loading an XML document into a DOM parser, Navigating a tree & Accessing elements and attributes

  • Further DOM Processing - Creating new content using DOM & Removing/replacing/rearranging content.

  • XML and Objects - OO Programming concepts: properties and methods, Distributed applications and Objects & Binding technologies, schema generation and code generation.

  • Introduction to Web Services - Web Service Interactions, SOAP and WSDL, Registries: UDDI, ebXML, BizTalk & Toolkits: AXIS, JAX-RPC & JAX-WS, SOAP-lite, .NET.

  • XML Security - XML Encryption, XML Digital Signatures, SAML & WS-Security and WSE.

  • Using XML in Web Applications - XHTML standards, Using XML to communicate with a server, AJAX and Web 2.0 Technologies & Portals.

  • XML and Databases - Database support for XML, ADO.NET & JDBC RowSets.

  • Using XML in Enterprise Applications - EAI and Interoperability, Oriented Architecture, Common XML Grammars: FIX, SWIFT, etc, Architectural options & Performance issues.