Bootstrap Online Training

In this Bootstrap online training class, participants will learn how to design killer interfaces and responsive websites with the Bootstrap framework.

Class Goals

 Become familiar with Bootstrap's file structure, grid systems, and container layouts.

 Learn Html elements for typography, code, tables, forms, buttons, images, and icons.

 Design interfaces and other web elements, such as navigation, breadcrumbs, and custom modal windows

 Use jQuery plugins for features such as revolving slideshows, tab interfaces, and drop-down menus.

 Modify everything from column count to typography colors with the lessstyle sheet language.

 This framework is a combination of HTML, CSS rules, and JavaScript Libraries

 Bootstrap enables one to rapidly develop websites and real-world applications.

Introduction & Get Started:- What is bootstrap , About Bootstrap,Who wrote Framework,Why to choose Bootstrap,Where to use Bootstrap, Applications,Who is using Bootstrap,Who can learn Bootstrap,Reference Websites, User community and Resources,Writing First Web Page , Quick Styles, ,What's Inside? Scripts and Styles , Core Concepts, Setting Up Bootstrap : Download Bootstrap Software, Bootstrap File Structure, Documentation Overview, Basic HTML Template, Global Styles

Layout and components : Introduction, Grid Layouts, Simple Layout, Fixed Grids, Fluid Grids, Using Containers, nested columns, and column offsets, Responsive Utilities, Inspiration, Panels, CSS, Bootstrap CSS File,Basic Components - textfield, buttons, textarea, tables, forms, panels, wells, labels, lists, alerts, progress bars, images & icons, heros & media & accordian, Navigation Elements and Dropdown Menus - SideBar and Navbar, Tabs and Pills, Breadcrumbs, Typographic Elements, Thumbnails, Modals, Pagination, Carousel Navigation, Search Box Inline Form, Glyphicons, Building The Footer, Using Custom Typography, Typeahead, Tooltips & Popover. Buttons with Menus

Bootstrap & Javascript - Introduction, More Buttons, Modals, Tooltips and Popovers, Scrollspy, Typeahead, Carousel, Transitions, Dropdown, Toggleable Tabs, Alerts, Buttons & Collapse, Customizing Bootstrap - Customizing The Download, Customizing Colors, Starter Templates, Responsive Design - Responsive Utilities, Images & Responsive helpers, Media Queries & Breakpoints, Inspiration, The Mobile Web & Formatting For Mobile Devices, Adding a Google Map, Bootstrap Plugins - Plugins for extending Twitter Bootstrap

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