Behavior Skills

Behavioral skills are the skills you use to successfully interact with others in the workplace. They are competencies employees need to be successful in a job and/or in an organization.Being responsible for your actions : Communication skills - covers about being a good speaker as well as a good listener.


Answering a Complaint, Assertiveness, Avoiding Trouble with Others, Being a Good Sport, Commitment, Concentration, Conceptual Thinking, Convincing, Creative Thinking, Creativity, Customer Focus, Dealing with Emotions, Delegation, Diplomacy, Decision Making, Expressing Affection, Expressing Feeling, Eye Contact, Flexibility, Gestures, Giving Compliments, Honesty, Improvisation, Initiative, Integrity, Interaction with People, Interpersonal, Leadership, Listening, Monitoring, Motivation, Negotiation, Organization, Persuasion, Planning, Self Esteem, Self Improvement, Sensitivity, Speaking, Stress Maintenance, Stress Management, Teamwork, Time Management, Trust