Applications Software Development - Commercial, Retail and Enterprise


We undertake management and development activities in Commercial applications. End to end Application development include understanding requirements, Data modeling, UI mockup Development, Business logic implementation, Testing, Deploying at the customer site, documentation and maintenance. We have the domain knowledge, expertise and experience in implementing the following applications:


We undertake management and development activities in the Retails applications


We undertake management and development activities in the Enterprise application areas like Website design, Enterprise Web Applications, Portal, security, Content management, Integration, Customer Relationship and Support (CRM), SCM, Retail, Warehouse, Asset, Manufacture, Production Planning and Control and Security and others

Application Enhancement


Application enhancement is about improving or upgrading the application with better features. It increases the software capabilities beyond original client specifications. It allows the software to perform scalability.

The process of modifying an application and/or component after delivery intended to increase or decrease functionality and capability from the existing design. The change and/or addition to functionality and capability are not constrained by time and/or size of the effort.

With the growing competition in the market, it is necessary to add more features to your application in order to make it marketable

We are into application enhancement and development.

Application Maintenance

Application maintenance is the activity consisting of the cohesive collection of all tasks that are primarily performed to incorporate minor fixes and enhancements into a application after deployment for use by the user organizations (i.e., between development projects to produce major new versions).


The typical goals of application maintenance are to ensure correct functioning of the application until the next version is deployed.


Perform adaptive maintenance by making minor modifications due to:

Business changes (e.g., reengineering, competition, reorganization, business-internal politics).

Legal changes (e.g., new legislation, new regulations).

Technology changes (e.g., hardware, software, communications, technology standardization, commercial packages).

Physical changes (e.g., reconfiguration of data center, transfer to new locations).

Personnel changes (e.g., changes to the users, user management, information technology staff).

Perform corrective maintenance by correcting minor defects:

Documentation defects, Data defects, Hardware defects, Software defects.

Perform perfective maintenance by making minor improvements in correct work products:

Rewriting parts of documents for readability, Refactoring software.

Applications and services


Education : Campus, Placement & Training, e-Learning, Online test, Library, Research & IP and Transportation

Human Resource : Payroll, Visitor & Security, Project Tracking, A/C Payable & Receivable, Employee productivity

Supply Chain : Inventory & Sales, Fleet & Assets, Retails & POS, Online Shopping, Tender/Bidding, Shipping & Crew , Vehicle Tracking

Health & Utility : Clinic, Hospital, Hostel & Mess, Hotel & Resort , CRM & Property, and Travel Management