Angular JS

Introduction to Angular.JS

How Angular.js is opinionated, Difference between Backbone.js and Angular.js

Angular.js Building Blocks

Controller Component, Model Component, View Component, Directives, Filters, Services , Routing & Configuration, Dependancy Injection

Get Started

Anatomy of Angular.js Applications, Creating Boundaries using ng-app

Data Binding

One way and Two way data binding , Understanding Built-in Directives


Scope resolution, AngularJS $scope functions


Events to Interact with Model Responding to model changes


Model View Controller, Templates and Data Binding, Repeating elements in templates, Using Expressions, CSS Classes and Styles, Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation, Creating AngularJS Templates


Routing Configuration, Routing Providers, Location Providers, Routing and Views , Routing and Templates, Dynamic Routes , Routing Multiple Views , ngNewRouter vs ui-router


Filters Overview, Understanding Filter Expressions, Building custom Filters


Services Overview, Modularity using Services, Injecting Services, Custom Services, Implementing Services in Web Applications


Services Overview, Modularity using Services, Custom Directives


Best Practices, Creating Rich Web Application Components, Securing AngularJS Application, Testing Applications