NodeJS javascript Framework for server development


Why NodeJS, Environment Setup, Node.js Console or virtual command line environment REPL

Node Package Manager

Global vs. local package installation, The package.json configuration file or Node Configuration, Understanding CPS (Continuation Passing Style) Automating tasks with Gulp, Command Line Interface

Node Process Model

Synchronous function, Call back Function, Event Loop, Node Event Loop, Creating a project, Utilities, Buffers, Event Emitters , Timers, Timers and Scheduling

Node Model System

Low level File Systems, Node Programming Model, HTTP communication, Streams , Binary Data, Code Execution System Management ( Forks, Spawns and the Process, Child process,

Network Programming

TCP, Datagrams, TLS /SSL, HTTPS, Authentication, Web Sockets APISocket IO and IO.js, JSON,, Connecting to Databases, The Real-Time Web , Express framework

Model View Controller

Defining Jade and Handlebars templates Building a front-end controller, Defining routes, Creating actions, Configuring Express to use Handlebars,

Using REST and Reading POST data, Building Handlebars helpers, Adding middleware Restful API’s


The CommonJS and RequireJS specifications, Defining modules with exports, Modules are singletons, Creating a package Module scope and construction

Application Development

Application Development, Logging and Debugging, Application Monitoring, Automated Unit Testing,

Best practices

Deploying To Heroku, Application , Application Scaling , Project, Node.js Cluster Module, Development best practices